Why Play Friendlies

Our primary aim is to bring clubs together via a friendly match for the development of the game.  We all love the game, it is the greatest teacher there is.  You get to learn about your players, try new tactics, move players to different positions and most importantly friendly match allow players to make mistakes and learn from them going forward.  You get to test yourself as a coach on the sideline, it gives you chance to work on your communication skills, make changes during the match without fear of making the wrong decision, assess your team shape and implement new ideas.


During intervals between seasons and rounds of fixtures, you will need to arrange some friendly matches to test your new players, your tactics and increase the experience level of your players. Friendly matches also are the opportunity to try out those players who normally do not make it into your first choice eleven.

To arrange a friendly match, access our calendar feature, then select Arrange Friendly Competition. Pick the team, date, and type (e.g. league) and send the invitation.


You need to remember that not every team that you pick accepts your invitation and that your club or league may not accept every suggestion, especially if you are managing a club with variable financial liquidity. Before you send the invitation, you can also check out the expected revenue as- arranging friendlies can be a source of additional income.

There are many benefits to arranging friendly matches from time to time for your team and our website gives you a wider option of teams to choose from.  Our website gives you the opportunity to meet coaches you never met before to widen your network as a coach and exchange ideas.  You can use friendlies as a team-building exercise by traveling away from home together as a team.

Friendly matches are an important element of pre-season preparations and also between fixtures during the season. You can raise the familiarity of players with new tactics.  This way their teamwork, morale, and exposure to different conditions can be explored. This will allow you to start competitive matches effectively and avoid a disappointing start to the season.   You get to test the depth of your squad or you can use it to test your team against better opposition than might be available locally. You can also use friendlies to build match fitness in your players.